Albert Figg had a dream;

Albert himself did much to bring that dream to a reality; his ‘hill of peace’ is now well established and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

His last request was for The Hill 112 Memorial Foundation to commission an educational film that would tell the story of the battle that cost so many lives. In his inimitable style, Albert even chose the film-maker, asking award-winning Kent professional Peter Williams to document the battle using interviews recorded with many of his comrades-at-arms.

The film has now been released, to critical acclaim, but the Foundation is continuing to raise the funds needed to pay for it. At the same time the charity needs cash to make sure the Garden of Remembrance and other landscaping at the site is well maintained as a fitting tribute to those who fought for the freedom of the western world in 1944.

While it is working hard to achieve grants from Trusts, Foundations and other sources, individual donations are valuable and very welcome. Please use the donate button to support the cause, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our regular email newsletter.

a dream that a site that saw so much bloodshed in the dark days of 1944 would live again as a monument to peace and a tribute to those who gave their lives for the future of Europe.