The Hill 112 Memorial Foundation is dedicated to maintaining and develop Albert’s legacy and has been working alongside The Odon Cote 112 Association, Normandy to:

• Produce a documentary film on the inspirational story of Hill 112 that will be used as both an educational and

   fund-raising tool

• Ensure funds are available to maintain and improve the site, now known as The Hill of Peace.

The documentary film was something Albert was particularly passionate about, having collected filmed interviews with 20 of the veterans of the Battle for Hill 112.

Before he died, Albert asked award-winning documentary-maker Peter Williams if he would incorporate the filmed interviews and other material into a suitable film that could be supplied to schools and also used to raise cash for the future maintenance of the Hill 112 Memorial. That film was completed in early 2022 and has already been shown on television as part of Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Two premieres, one in Canterbury, Kent, and the other in Edinburgh, were well received, and the film has won a major award.

While the film will prove a vital fund-raising tool for the Foundation, cash is still needed to pay for its production as well as for ongoing projects at the site, including maintaining and improving the Garden of Remembrance.

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 Film will help to tell the story