Does your group need a speaker?

Trustee and committee member Fred Ross has been making a name for himself telling the story of Sergeant Albert Figg and helping to raise much-needed funds for the charity.

Fred has been talking to Rotary Clubs, Royal British Legion branches, Masonic Lodges and other organisations looking for speakers to add interest to their meeting – and he’s on the lookout for new opportunities.

Fred, who has been promoting Hill 112 and Albert’s legacy for some three years, also shows audiences a 15-minute video of Albert made by committee member and BBC cameraman Martin Jones.

Martin befriended Albert some years ago and filmed him in various locations over a period of years. It includes Albert talking and film of the various items Albert had installed on the Memorial site at Hill 112 in Normandy, including the most recent, the infantryman statue at its heart.

“I am looking to find groups and clubs who would like 30 to 45 mins of World War Two bravery and nostalgia and have an interest in one of the bloodiest but most important battles in the conflict,” said Fred, who also works as a qualified Master of Ceremonies in his spare time and is an accomplished public speaker. “There is no charge as such, but most groups are happy to make a donation and I also take copies of Albert’s book and our new documentary film A Canterbury Tale with me for sale.

“Groups are generally generous, and the charity has already benefited by many hundreds of pounds, all of which goes to support our future challenge of maintaining and updating the Memorial in Normandy.”

The Foundation is also looking for locations and audiences to show A Canterbury Tale, the award-winning film made for the Foundation by documentary film-maker Peter Williams and premiered in 2022.

Groups or individuals interested in a talk on Albert and the Battle for Hill 112 or who may be able to host a film screening should contact Fred at or call 07803149046. Please also use those contact details if you are interested in booking Fred as a Master of Ceremonies.